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See the Difference 45+ Years Experience Can Make
At Primepak, we are committed to personal service. That means we put everyone of our 45+ years of experience to work for each customer, guiding you in the optimum choice of stock items and best practices for engineering a custom solution, whenever needed.
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The Right Patterns?

The Right Gauge?

The Right Release Level?

Don't Guess. Rely on Primepak.

2019 Separator Film Buyers Guide

2019 Separator Film Buyers Guide

- Yours FREE!

Intended to give you a handy reference to the most important factors you should consider in selecting your Rubber Separator Films, our 2019 Buyers Guide in now available and yours FREE!

PLUS... when you download or request your copy we'll send you a 15% discount certificate good on orders placed through Sept. 1, 2019

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