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A Family Tradition of Quality & Performance

When customers are asked their opinion of Primepak there are a number of positive responses: High Quality, Dependability, Superior Performance, Know-How... the list goes on and on. But how does a company establish such a strong reputation? More importantly, how does it maintain that reputation for 45 years?

With Primepak it seems to be a case of combining the right products with the right philosophy and supporting it all with strong bonds – family bonds.

Starting From a Solid Foundation

In the 1950's and 60's, Primepak founder John Verrier built his technical and management skills in the Plastics Division of Mobil Chemical. It was this combination of skills and experience that he leveraged to establish J.A. Heilferty Co. in 1972. The company started out marketing disposable paper and plastic products.

As it moved into the 1980's, Verrier saw a niche in flexible packaging and in 1982 established Primepak Company.

After building a company reputation for excellence and guiding Primepak through its initial decades, Verrier began turning over responsibility to his children (need list).

A Natural Commitment to Our Customer’s Success

Beyond just continuity, the family connection meant that the commitment to quality and the principles that built the company were not just ascribed to, but were in fact second nature to the new management team: In their DNA, if you will.

Primepak’s current president, and Verrier's daughter, Jeanne Budka explains: "To build on initial successes and demonstrate staying power, a company needs to maintain a culture of commitment - Commitment to quality products, to service, and to the success of each of its customers, and that's what we have done and will continue to do."

Solutions from Coast to Coast

Today, Primepak’s protective, flexible packaging solutions include plastic bags, plastic liners, retail shopping bags, merchandise bags, trade show bags, poly tubing, poly sheeting and poly films. The company's high-quality rubber separator films including standard, custom, smooth and embossed products are used for tires, retreads, hoses, belts and mats.

Seventeen manufacturing plants and warehouse/distribution facilities across the US uniquely position Primepak to meet the most demanding specifications and provide consistent on-time deliveries so its customers are never be caught short.

Beyond the facts and figures, however, is that underlying sense that the “Primepak” family will continue to support its extended family –its customers – no matter what the challenge.

For more information on Primepak and any of its stock or custom solutions email

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